Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Benefits of Implementing a Paging System in Hotels

It is a hotels goal to achieve a high standard of customer satisfaction and for a hotel to achieve high levels of approval, installing a wireless paging system would be a smart decision. Paging systems, offer hotels the opportunity to improve communication between their staff, and security for their guests.

Equipping each hotel employee with their own wireless pager allows for constant communication between the entire hotel staff. The wait staff will be able to send messages to the kitchen staff containing guest orders. The kitchen staff will be able to effectively inform waiters when their order is up and the maintenance staff will be able to be notified of issues right away so they may be fixed faster. Wireless paging systems also allow better management and improve the productivity in each hotel department.

There is no such thing as too much security. It is a hotels job to protect their guests and staff. A wireless paging system may decrease the risks of injuries and other crime. If each employee has their own wireless pager than all an employee will have to do is hit a button to send an alert to notify the proper security staff of a situation. The pager includes the employee's location and identity when alert is sent. Anyone who receives the alert will also have the ability to send a confirmation to the sender letting them know help is on the way.

Wireless pagers have many different applications that can virtually be applied to any type of workplace environment. Bridging gaps in communication between employees is a simple solution to any business searching for a way to improve their services. Enabling your staff to communicate more effectively increases workplace efficiency, safety, and inevitably your profits.


  1. This sure is handy. A wireless service will also cut service time to clients, allowing the tasks to be done faster and with more ease. That can also be utilized in schools, especially in kindergarten classes.

    Pathane Wadler

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  3. Very well said. Implementing a paging system in hotels is all about customer satisfaction. Providing every hotel employee their own pager for a more collaborative and efficient service might seem like a large investment, but it will no doubt pay off with the hotel’s evaluation. This is one important piece of technology that can help enhance service and the view of the hotel industry by and large.

    Cora Bullock

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